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The Dybbuk: Between Two Worlds

Ben-Amots created his own libretto, 18 scenes in three acts, and wrote an imaginative score that moves easily from the klezmer tradition of Eastern European village life [...] to contemporary musical sensibilities.”

Mark Kanny from the Pittsburgh Tribune

Audiences everywhere deserve (and need!) to hear this uniquely beautiful and powerful new work, performed by these specific artists. We, as reviewers, cannot very well urge audiences to “go hear this!” if it is not being produced, so we very much hope that some venues will take up this “challenge” as a service to music and to what is best in our humanity.”

— Donna Stoering for Listen for Life

The Dybbuk (Complete Opera)


Download the full synopsis of this chamber opera by Ofer Ben-Amots.

Dybbuk Synopsis 59.5 KB