Live Performances

Songs from the Pomegranate Garden - Live concert in Los Alamos

The Judeo-Spanish (a.k.a Ladino) cycle Songs from the Pomegranate Garden in live performance. Soprano Christina Martos and pianist Debra Ayers. September 2017, Los Alamos, NM.

Avis Urbanus.

Performed by Hiroshi Koizumi, Kobe, 1990

Avis Urbanus for amplified flute, in an amazing premiere performance by the great Hiroshi Koizumi in Kobe, Japan.

Yesusum, Yesusum! The Desert Shall Rejoice!

사막에 샘이 넘쳐 흐르리라!

Hava Nagila


for chorus, flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano

By the Rivers of Babylon

바벨론 강가에서

Elegy (memories, bitter and sweet...)

2017 Colorado College Music Festival
Steven Copes, violin | Bion Tsang, cello | Susan Grace, piano

The Klezmer Concerto , III. Hallelujah

Soloist Orit Orbach, clarinet, with the Herzeliya Chamber Orchestra, Harvey Bordowitz, conductor

Deshame Entrar - Festiladino

2004, Jerusalem

Winner of the 2004 Festiladino in Jerusalem: Lyrics: Odelia Dahan, Music: Ofer Ben-Amots, Performed live by Odelia Dahan. Award Ceremony led by former President of the State of Israel, Itzhak Navon z”l.

The songs starts at 2:00.

Pomegranate Songs

Sonata for Cello and Piano

1st mov.


1st mv

'Geneva Bulgar', Concertino

3rd mov.
soloists: Gilad Harel and Avi Avital

Permoník Simple Nigun

Queen City Fanfare

Ivano Italy

Rimon Arts Series

St Paul

Klezmer Concerto

1st mov

Klezmer Concerto

2nd mov Arkady

By the Rivers of Babylon

Male Chamber Choir Permoník

By the rivers of the Babylon


oratorio13 12 14 Al naarot babel

Odessa Trio Budapest


The Odessa Trio

for Violin, Violoncello & Piano

Debka: Dance Nr. 2 from "Five Ancient Dances"

for Flute and Piano

Andrea Biagini, flute
Irene Boschi, piano

Jerusalem of Gold

by N. Shemer Goppisberger Musikfestival

Yahli Toren and the Goppisberger Festival Ensemble

The Curved Road

Live Green Box Festival

Kantigas Ulvidada

Beverly Hills International Music Festival 2014

Klezmer Concerto

1st mov
Shmuel Elbaz

Klezmer Concerto

2nd mov
Shmuel Elbaz

Klezmer Concerto

3rd mov
Shmuel Elbaz

Letter to Avigdor

Psalm 23

Shari Feldman, soprano
Christopher Nichols, clarinet
Harvey Price, percussion

The Heart and the Fountain

Permonik Choir, Cz. Republic

The Odessa Trio

Mov. 3
Tango Dorfman

Live performance at the 2013 Colorado College Summer Music Festival. Mark Fewer, violin, Bion Tsang, cello, and Susan Grace, piano. June 18, 2013, Packard Hall