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For mezzo-soprano and symphony orchestra.

Text by James Joyce. 1984-85. [25'] 
ISBN 978-1-939382-10-8  ||  Catalog #: orchvocl-01


Growing up in Israel, especially during my teenage years, James Joyce’s collection of poems, “Chamber Music,” was one of my most cherished literary works. It took, however, a few more years until I decided to set nine of these favorite poems to music.  I finally completed the cycle as a student at the Music Academy in Detmold, Germany, in 1985-86. The Joyce Cycle is special to me as the work that connected me with a deep and long-lasting friendship with pianist Debra Ayers.  Her performance of the cycle at the 1995 Crested Butte Festival brought about many more musical projects and collaboration including the current CD. 


Composer, musicologist, and publisher Dr. Andrew Stiller ties the nine titles of the cycle together: 


1. O Sweetheart... The lover finds solace in love "when friends him fail." 
2. My love is in a light attire... He admires the sight of his love walking through an orchard. 
3. My dove my beautiful one... In language reminiscent of the Song of Songs, he bids her arise. 
4. Rain has fallen... They seek shelter on a rainy day. 
5. Sleep Now, O Sleep Now…  The lover's "unquiet heart" is calmed with a kiss. 
6. It was out by Donnycarney... A cheerful "folksong," sealed with another kiss. 
7. Winds of May... By the turbulent sea, the loved one has disappeared. 
8. I Hear an Army... Giving way to despair the lover dreams of an army ferociously charging up 

out of the depths. But... 

9. From Dewy dreams my soul arise... It was just a dream, after all.