Catalog of Compositions

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Music for the STAGE

Pierrot - Ballet Suite for symphony orchestra.
Composer's manuscript, unpublished.

Story Number 2 - For nine instruments and a narrator.
Text by Eugene Ionesco.

ISBN 978-1-939382-00-9

Story Number 2 - A version for chamber orchestra and narrator.

ISBN 978-1-939382-70-2

Fool's Paradise - Opera buffa in five scenes.
Based on a story by I.B. Singer. Libretto by Ofer Ben-Amots and William Attias.

ISBN 978-1-939382-01-6

The Dybbuk: Between Two Worlds - A chamber opera for soprano, baritone, clarinet, and chamber ensemble.
Based on S. An-sky's play. Libretto by Ofer Ben-Amots.

ISBN 978-1-939382-02-3

Libretto: ISBN 978-1-939382-68-9


Shirat Israel - Cantata for mezzo-soprano and orchestra.
Hebrew text by CH. N. Bialik.
Composer's manuscript, unpublished.

The Joyce Cycle - For mezzo-soprano and symphony orchestra.
Text by James Joyce.

ISBN 978-1-939382-10-8

Celestial Dialogues - For voice, clarinet, strings, and percussion.

ISBN 978-1-939382-11-5

The Dybbuk Suite - For chamber symphony and solo vocalist.

ISBN 978-1-939382-12-2

Kantes del Verdgel de Granadas (Songs from the Pomegranate Garden) - A Judeo-Spanish song cycle for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra.

ISBN 978-1-939382-13-9

Kantes del Verdgel de Granadas - A version for soprano and chamber orchestra.

ISBN 978-1-939382-14-6

Kantes del Verdgel de Granadas - A third version for mezzo-soprano and symphony orchestra.


Fanfare for Orchestra - For symphony orchestra.
Awarded the Kavannagh Prize.

ISBN 978-1-939382-03-0

Variations on a French Children's Song - For symphony orchestra.

ISBN 978-1-939382-04-7

Mt. Fuji Ceremonial Fanfare - For symphonic band.

ISBN 978-1-939382-83-2

The Klezmer Concerto - For solo clarinet, string orchestra, harp, and percussion.

ISBN 978-1-939382-07-8

Concertino - for clarinet, mandolin, and orchestra.

ISBN 978-1-939382-08-5

Concertino: From Darkness to Light - for clarinet, mandolin, and orchestra.

ISBN 978-1-939382-09-2

Enchanted Landscape - For symphony orchestra.

ISBN 978-1-939382-81-8


A Fool's Journey - For 8-part mixed chorus, piano, and percussion.
Medieval poetry by Susskind von Trimberg (13th century).
Composer's manuscript, unpublished.

Al Naharot Bavel (By the Rivers of Babylon) - A 4-part canon for mixed choir, piano, and percussion.
Text taken from Psalm 137.

ISBN 978-1-939382-15-3

Psalm 81 (Upon Gitith) - For mixed choir and metal percussion.
Text taken from Psalm 81.

ISBN 978-1-939382-16-0

Psalm 81 - A version for all-female choir.

ISBN 978-1-939382-71-9

Hashkivenu (Cause Us, Oh God to Lie Down in Peace) - For SATB chorus, organ, and mixed percussion.
Text taken from the Ma'ariv Prayer (Evening Prayer).

ISBN 978-1-939382-17-7

Three Love Songs - For mixed choir and piano accompaniment.
1st place and Gold Certificate in the 1991 Roodeport International Competition for Choral Composition, Roodeport, South Africa.
Composer's manuscript, unpublished.

Mizmor - Ten Degrees of Praise (Psalm 150) - For solo soprano, clarinet, men's choir, and percussion.

ISBN 978-1-939382-18-4

The Heart and the Fountain - For SATB chorus or female choir with miscellaneous percussion.

ISBN 978-1-939382-19-1 and 978-1-939382-20-7

Hanukkah Songs - For children's choir with piano accompaniment.
Arrangement of children's songs for Hanukkah.

ISBN 978-1-939382-xx-x


Hineh Al Heharim (Here on the Mountains) - Four to eight part canon for mixed choir a cappella.
Text: Nachum 2, 1-3.

ISBN 978-1-939382-21-4

Ma Tishtochachi Nafshi (Why So Downcast, My Soul) - For mixed chorus.
Text: Psalm 42.

ISBN 978-1-939382-22-1

Yeeheyu Le'ratzon (May the Words) - For SATB chorus.
Text out of the Amidah prayer.

ISBN 978-1-939382-23-8

Five Hassidic Songs - For SATB or female chorus.
Arrangements of traditional Hassidic songs with or without piano accompaniment.

ISBN 978-1-939382-24-5 and 978-1-939382-25-2

Yesusum, Yesusum (The Desert Will Blossom) - For SATB or SSAA chorus.
Text out of the Isaiah, Chapter 35.

ISBN 978-1-939382-26-9 and 978-1-939382-27-6


Title & Description
Year Length
Shtetl Songs - For voice and piano (also, a version for mixed chorus).
Based on East-European Yiddish songs.
First performance: Detmold, Germany, 1985. Recorded in Berlin, Germany in 1988.
ISBN 978-1-939382-29-0
1985/1986 || [18']
Psalm 23 - For soprano, clarinet, and percussion.
Commissioned by soprano Yehudit Vollmond.
Premiered at the Curtis Institute, Philadelphia, 1990.
Performed at the "Music Now" Series, Tel-Aviv Museum, 1991.
ISBN 978-1-939382-30-6
1990 || [5']
Kantes del Verdgel de Granadas (Songs from the Pomegranate Garden) - A Judeo-Spanish (aka 'Ladino') song cycle for voice and piano.
American premiere: James Madison University, Virginia, 2006. Published by The Composer's Own Press, 2006.
ISBN 978-1-939382-31-3
2004 || [20']
The Dybbuk Song Cycle - For voice and piano.
A selection of songs out of the opera "The Dybbuk".
Published by The Composer's Own Press, 2011.
ISBN 978-1-939382-33-7
2008 || [18']
Kantigas Ulvidadas (Long-forgotten Songs) - A Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) song cycle for voice and piano.
ISBN 978-1-939382-32-0
2009 || [10']
The Sweet Pain of Love - For solo violin and narrator.
Poem by Nathan Zach.
The Composer's Own Press, 2011.
2011 || [9']
Kinah (Lament) - For high voice and piano.
Biblical text: David's lament over the death of King Saul and his son Jonathan (Book of Samuel 2, 1:19-27).
The Composer's Own Press, 2011.
2011 || [8']


Title & Description
Year Length
Ceremonial Music - For saxophone, trumpet, and piano.
First performance: Warburg, Germany, 1982.
Published by Dorn Publications, Medfield, MA, 1986.
1982 || [11']
Hashkivenu for String Quartet
First performance by Zamir Quartet, Israel, 1989.
ISBN 978-1-939382-34-4
1982 || [10']
Sonata - For cello and piano.
First performance: Detmold, Germany, 1982.
American premiere at Settlement Music School, Philadelphia, 1989.
Published by Kallisti Music Press, Philadelphia, 1988.
ISBN 978-1-939382-35-1
1982 || [23']
Five Ancient Dances - For clarinet (or flute) and piano.
First performance in Detmold, Germany, 1983.
Published by Kallisti Music Press, Philadelphia, 1988.
ISBN 978-1-939382-36-8; 978-1-939382-37-5; and 978-1-939382-38-2
1983 || [13']
Midnight Dance - For violin (or cello) and piano.
Published by Kallisti Music Press.
ISBN 978-1-939382-39-9
1996 || [4']
Cantillations - For clarinet and cello (or viola).
A commission by the 1997 Voice of Ashkenaz Conference.
World premiere at the Merkin Hall, NYC, November 1997: clarinet - Benjamin Fingland, cello - Tanya Ell.
Published by Kallisti Music Press, Philadelphia, 1997.
ISBN 978-1-939382-40-5
1997 || [10']
Prophetic Tropes (Te'amey Nevu'ah) - For trombone (or bass trombone) and extended piano.
First performed at the Curtis Institute, Philadelphia, 1990.
Revised version: 1999.
ISBN 978-1-939382-41-2
1989/1999 || [11']
Elemental Drums - Dance music for mixed wind ensemble, three percussionists, and guitar.
A commission for the Colorado College Faculty Dance Concert, 1997.
ISBN 978-1-939382-42-9
1997 || [12']
The Queen City Fanfare (Inaugural Fanfare) - For trumpet and organ.
Commissioned by Hradec Králové University, adopted as the university's official alma mater.
Premiered at HKU, May 2002.
Additional versions for brass choir, and for oboe, piano, and percussion.
Brass choir premiere during inauguration of Colorado College's 12th president, R. Celeste.
ISBN 978-1-939382-43-6; 978-1-939382-44-3; 978-1-939382-48-1
2002 || [5']
The Severn Circles Nigun (out of The Dybbuk) - For clarinet and piano.
ISBN 978-1-939382-45-0
2002 || [5']
The Maccabiah Fanfare - For brass ensemble, timpani, and percussion.
Commissioned for the Maccabiah Games - Jewish Olympics in Denver, 2010.
Premiered at the opening ceremony, August 2010, Magness Arena, Denver University.
ISBN 978-1-939382-49-8
2010 || [4']
The Odessa Trio - For violin, cello, and piano.
In memory of J. Dorfman.
World premiere at the "Two Days/Two Nights" Festival, Odessa, Ukraine, 2008.
ISBN 978-1-939382-46-7

The Inauguration Fanfare - For two trumpets, organ, and percussion.
ISBN 978-1-939382-47-4

From Darkness to Light - Trio for clarinet, mandolin, and piano.
Version for clarinet, guitar, and piano released in 2013.

Bulgariana - For violin and piano.
ISBN 978-1-939382-79-5

Montage Music - For clarinet, violin, cello, and piano.
Commissioned by the Montage Music Society.
In memory of Bebe Krimmer.
ISBN 978-1-939382-82-5
2013 || [30']

Music for the PIANO

Title, Description & ISBN
Tango for the Road - For two pianos.
ISBN 978-1-939382-73-3
Sonatina - For solo piano.

Midnight Dance

ISBN 978-1-939382-50-4


Akëda - For solo piano.
ISBN 978-1-939382-51-1


Title & Description
Year Length
The Organ Book of Psalms - For solo organ.

Pastoral Invocation 978-1-939382-54-2
The Q Anthem 978-1-939382-55-9
Mystical Procession 978-1-939382-53-5
Teru'ah (Recessional) 978-1-939382-56-6

Published by The Composer's Own Press, 2009.
ISBN 978-1-939382-52-8
2009 || [26']

2008 || [7']
2008 || [7']
2009 || [6']
2009 || [6']


Miniatures et Collage - For flute.
First performance by Michael Meltzer in Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1977.
Composer's manuscript, unpublished.
1977 || [5'30"]
Avis Urbanus - For amplified flute.
First prize in 2nd Kobe International Competition for Flute Composition.
Premiered by Hiroshi Koizumi in Kobe, Japan, 1991.
Publication by Muramatsu Inc., Tokyo, 1992.
ISBN 978-1-939382-57-3
1990 || [10']
"I, Jerusalem..." - For any solo clarinet.
First performance: Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Jerusalem, December 1991; clarinet - Gloria Feidman.
Published by Kallisti Music Press, 1994.
ISBN 978-1-939382-58-0 and 978-1-939382-59-7
1991 || [4']
A Letter to Avigdor - For solo violin.
Commissioned by Avigdor Zamir.
A version for viola: published by The Composer's Own Press in 1999, recorded by Czech violist Milan Rehak in 2005.
ISBN 978-1-939382-60-3
1990/1999 || [10']
The Angel's Lament - For solo clarinet.
Commissioned by Guido Arbonelli.
ISBN 978-1-939382-62-7
1999 || [60"]
The Red Curtain Dance - For solo oboe or clarinet.
From the chamber opera, "The Dybbuk".
ISBN 978-1-939382-63-4 and 978-1-939382-65-8
2003 || [7'30"]

Other Compostions & Instrumental Arrangments

Armenian Suite

By Richard Yardumian. A reduction of the original score for small symphonic orchestra.
Commissioned and published by Theodore Presser Co., 1992. Performed by the Concerto Soloists of Philadelphia in April 1992.

A reduction of the same work for solo piano. Commissioned and recorded by Vera Yardumian, on Vantage Recording Label, 1995, 1996.


Opera in three acts by Fredrick Kaufman. A piano reduction of the original score commissioned by the composer.
Premiered in Philadelphia, 1990. Unpublished composer's manuscript.

Easy Klezmer

Klezmer music for any C or Bb instrument; the score for C instruments with monophonic accompaniment and chord symbols.
Published by ROM Productions, 1993. ISBN 978-1-939382-66-5

The KLezmer Wedding Book

An anthology of Jewish wedding music, for three unspecified C instruments with chord symbols.
Supplemental section includes melodies for unspecified Bb instrument.

Selections include:
Y'did Nefesh --- Dodi Li --- El Ginat Egoz --- Erev Shel Shoshanim --- Siman Tov --- Od Yishama --- Chossn Kalah Mazel Tov --- Hava Nagila --- Sherele --- Et Dodim --- Wedding Waltz --- Ot Azoy Medley --- King David Medley --- Bashana Haba'a --- Ose Shalom ---
Birkat Hamazon -- Tzur Mishelo

Published by ROM Productions, Flushing, NY, 1993. ISBN 978-1-939382-67-2