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Enchanted Landscapes

A symphonic poem 

2017, Commissioned by the Colorado Springs Philharmonic 

COMPOSER: Ofer Ben-Amots 


Composer’s Note: "Enchanted Landscapes“ was commissioned by the Colorado Springs Philharmonic in recognition of the Association’s 90th  Anniversary. Inspired by the theme of “America the Beautiful,” I decided to portray the actual beauty of the land, rather than to use Katharine Lee Bates and Samuel Ward's famous song as a musical reference. Thus, "Enchanted Landscapes“ was composed as a single-movement Symphonic Poem,  which transforms various visual elements of our magical views into an audible experience. The main melody is vast; Spanning over 30 measures, it conveys the feeling of “spaciousness.” Then, the same long melody repeats in a different, higher key. The middle part of the composition presents a fanfare-like theme, which builds up through both dynamics and polyphonic means. This section, dominated mainly by the brass and wind instruments, brings in a sense of drama, mystery, and “purple mountain majesties.” Finally, the use of Melodica sound in the otherwise traditional orchestration, adds a feeling of nostalgia and longing to the pure and proud landscape that watches upon us constantly, and connects us with the earth, with nature, and with ourselves. 


Flute 1, 2 
Oboe 1, 2 
Eng. Horn 
Clarinet 1,2 (in B†) 
Bass clarinet (in B†) 
Trumpets 1,2 
Fr. Horn 1,2 
Trombone 1,2 


Suspended cymbal 
Crash cymbal 
Bass drum 
Snare drum 
Melodica (or Accordion) 
Violin I 
Violin II