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Documentaries and Lectures

From the Milken Archive.
The third episode of our “Spotlight Series” features Israeli-born composer Ofer Ben-Amots. Based on a 2018 oral history session and several events recorded during a residency at UCLA, the video chronicles his path to becoming one of today’s most prominent composers of music of Jewish experience. It’s a path filled with chance encounters and unexpected connections. Interview by Jeff Janeczko. Narrated by Grant Gottschall.

From The Milken Archive 

This short documentary provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse from the recording session of Celestial Dialogues by Ofer Ben-Amots's—a striking orchestral suite that juxtaposes klezmer and cantorial music. Includes footage from an on-site interview with the composer. For more information, please visit www.milkenarchive.org.

Fractured Faiths: A Concert-Lecture 

Los Alamos 2017 

A concert-lecture about Judeo-Spanish history, culture, and music. With soprano Christina Martos, pianist Debra Ayers, and composer Ofer Ben-Amots. Video and Audio recording: Rick Bolton.

Making The Dybbuk
Warren Miller Performing Arts Center